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Fiji – Beqa Island

A visit to Beqa Island in Fiji to meet the locals and experience some of the Fijian culture that is rumored to be warm and welcoming.   Pulling into the cove it’s clear that these islands are plush and blanketed with dense herbaceous, green landscape.

Ahead I catch a glimpse of a structure with a thatched roof.  Curious to know what this is.  Later after meeting some locals, visiting the local village and watching a fire dance, I learned that this building is part of the Beqa Lagoon Resort.

Some beautiful shots taken on the beach.

Beautiful experience exploring this stunning island and the jungle beyond the beach.

David Loughlin

Deep in thought after drinking one of the best Margaritas ever.

Boat on the grass next to the local village.

Locals put on a show for us.

More of the show.

After the show, the locals got us drunk on a local potion.

Friendly boys wanted me to take a picture of them.

Villager prepares rice for dinner.

Children on the front porch of the local school house, are curious about us.

Local children show off their dancing skills.

Locals do the fire dance as they walk of red hot rocks.

Proud dancers pose for a photo after the fire walk.

Beautiful day for a stroll on the beach.

The bar at Beqa Lagoon Resort

View from the boat as we depart this beautiful island.
David Loughlin

Sunset after a day on Beqa Island.  Headed for the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu.

Diving photos by Ian Lennard & Carrie Berkovich.

Diving photos by Ian Lennard & Carrie Berkovich.