Travel Gear

Here are just a few of the key things that I use for travel and adventure. While the detailed list is to extensive, I have included a few of the important items that I mix and match when planning a trip.


Briggs & Riley Baseline Series
For years I have been using the Briggs & Riley Baseline Carry-on and International luggage.  Durable, good weight and reliable.
The international is huge and great for cruises and trips of 1+ months long.
That was until I discovered the Hartmann line.


Hartmann Vigor

At the end of 2016 I discovered the Hartman Extended Journey Spinner series.  These light weight pieces are great for trips of 2+ months on the road. The 30 inch piece can pack enough cloths for two to three weeks and is so light that when it’s empty, I can pick it up with one finger.  My best recommendation for trips abroad spanning 2 or more months is to take the two largest pieces and a 4 gallon backpack.  Load the largest one to 80% capacity and reserve the rest of the space for treasure hunting.

26-in. Hardside Medium Journey Spinner: 27.75-in. x 18.25-in. x 11.75-in.
30-in. Hardside Extended Journey Spinner: 32-in. x 21.25-in. x 13.25-in.  11 lbs.


For aerial photography, I was using a Parrot (right), but recently discovered the DJI Mavic Pro, a very stable, selfie drone with a powerful transmission system allowing it to capture and transmit videos at a range of 7 km about 4.3 miles.  The DJI Mavic Pro is the latest upgrade in my photography gear simply because of the advanced features.  For example this camera incorporates a FlightAutonomy feature that  identifies obstacles up to 50 ft away, allowing it to fly at 45 mph and avoid obstacles ahead.  With a top speed of 65 mph this baby can capture aerial shots while boating, island hopping or ballooning over the African Sahara for up to 27 minutes on a single charge.  The 3-axis mechanical gimbal allows me to pan and tilt the 4 k video camera in any direction.

DI Osmo Mobile

My most recent edition to the photography is this new three axis electronic stabilization device from DJI.  The Osmo is one handy tool to capture video that is not only smooth, but vivid and easy to share and edit.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i
This was my primary for a number of years, but the more time and farther I traveled, the more I realized that less is more.  Today you can get a very high resolution 12 megapixel camera in a light and compact design.  This camera is my go-to for domestic travel or specific shots where timing is critical.  Capturing video of the northern lights in Iceland or sunrise in Arches National Park is where this camera shows its’ value.

Nikon CoolPix L840
Love my Nikon.  This compact, light weight design has all the necessary features to capture almost any critical shot.  The useful telephoto lens has bee key to capturing most of my South African safari images and other ventures around the Indian Ocean, South East Asia and East Africa.  Another handy feature is the Wi-Fi connectivity to my iPhone for fast browsing and downloading of images from the camera to my phone.  Remote operation through the app is also available.  This Nikon and the iPhone, combined with the DJI Mavic Drone are all you need to capture and produce high quality travel videos.  Bring lots of extra memory and backup.

iPhone 6s
Surprisingly, my iPhone 6s has become one of my go to cameras on the road.  Its’ light weight and high quality images produce a remarkable image.  In addition, the iPhone allows me to transfer images to any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device easily.

First Aid
I keep three of these jumbo kits stocked with enough supplies to provide everything from light first aid to full field surgical situations, sanitation, sterilization, burn treatment, UV protection, eye treatment, vitamins.  Key things to pack no matter whee I travel are antibiotics, isopropyl alcohol, bandaids, burn ointment, UV sun protection and just to name a few.

Hiking & Backpacking


I like to keep a selection of different packs on hand, so I can mix and match during the planning phase.  My top picks are my JanSport mountain climbing pack and my black Tumi, single strap carry-on.  I also like the NorthFace day pack for overnighters.

Sleeping Bags

North Face Blue Igloo

My Igloo has seen more then 200+ camping, hiking, backpacking and mountain climbing expeditions over the past 30 years and its still in new condition.  I love the confirmable fit and 0 degree protection that this bag offers.


Android WI-FI tablets.  Wether aboard ship or beachside, these tables are an easy way to stay connected to both fellow travelers and home.  They add weight to your load, so I only bring a couple of these, but only when I am in the same location for 14 consecutive days or more.  These easily fit into the black Tumi, single strap backpack in the Luggage section above.

BeoFang Hand Held Transceivers

Most ideal for camping, hiking, climbing and snow skiing.  Love these little guys for their light weight, long range, voice activated transmit, multiple frequency range, scanning features, just to name a few.



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