Ireland – Glin Castle

The Republic of Ireland occupies most of the island of Ireland, off the coast of England and Wales. Its capital, Dublin, is the birthplace of writers such as Oscar Wilde, and home of Guinness beer. The 9th-century Book of Kells and other illustrated manuscripts are on show in Dublin’s Trinity College Library. Dubbed the “Emerald Isle” for its lush landscape, the country is dotted with castles like medieval Cahir Castle.

We enjoyed time well spent at Glin Castle, the home of Desmond John Villiers Fitz-Gerald.  Located on the banks of river Shannon in county Limerick, the castle’s well-kept grounds, bountiful gardens, and attentive staff created an experience that will last a lifetime.

We had a great family get-together, with everyone present.  We explored many towns and took advantage of the train to Dublin and visited Waterford, Guinness, and quite a few assorted pubs. Hey, it’s Ireland!  I love these warm, friendly people; it felt like home.




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