Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

David Loughlin – Exploring Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

I love islands and the feeling of my feet in the sand. Exploring new islands is one of the best feelings ever and Indonesia offers abundant opportunities for doing just that.  The Indonesian archipelago has more than ten thousand islands; it is one of only a few places on earth that create a blank canvas for explorers.  Nusa Lembongan lies just off the coast of Bali, located about 11 kilometers southeast of the main island. It is a small island with the length of 4.6 kilometers at its longest point and width of 1.5 kilometers at its widest.  Only a 30 minute ride by speed boat and you’re in paradise.

To get there you simply catch a taxi boat between the two islands.  You will be given an option to arrive at Jungut Batu or Mushroom Bay, two different locations on Lembogan.


D R E A M   B E A C H
This statue gazing out to sea says it all and gave me inspiration to return to Singapore again, before heading to North and East Africa weeks later.  Singapore: now there is an interesting country.  I have visited Singapore five times in the past year.  Love the business outfits and wine selection in Singapore.  Between Africa and South East Asia, my wardrobe has increased in size by about 45%.  Part of the fun of travel is acquiring mementos along the way.
David Loughlin

Panorama of Dream Beach
David Loughlin

Looking out to sea from Dream beach with the Devil’s Tears behind me and Dream Beach to the left.  Exploring this beautiful island is a dream indeed.  The roads on these tropical islands are serene.

D E V I L’S   T E A R S
David Loughlin

M U S H R O O M   B A Y

J U N G U T   B A T U

J U N G A T B A T U   V I L L A G E
The view of Jungatbatu Village from the hilltop above.

On approach to the island…the bay is lined with resorts perched atop the lush green hilltop.  Take some time and resort-hop and see what each resort offers before grabbing lunch at your favorite place.

Boat bobbing in the sea.  My view from a cliffside cafe as I mingle with a group of German ladies on holiday.

David Loughlin

T H E   B E A C H E S
Seashells are like memories. I have combed some of the most remote island beaches over the past 4 months.  Many of the beaches have a gorgeous array of seashells for the taking.  Just be sure to get up early and beat the locals as they clean the beaches of these beauties before 6:00 am. Many are the largest and most colorful shells I have ever seen and so abundant that I gathered about 15 pounds of them; extra luggage was required.

Picked this Indonesian bridal necklace up in Sorong, a chartered coastal city in the eastern Indonesian province of West Papua.  Hand made of shells and red coral, this piece of art weighs pounds and is almost 3 feet long.  Returning home with this in perfect condition was not easy.  I’m not sure what to do with it, but it certainly is beautiful.

D I V E R D O W N – Nusa Lembongan
Nothing like a day of diving with Captain Morgan.  That’s not his real name of course, but much easier to pronounce.  What a great human being!

Another beautiful day in Indonesia. Magnanimous, grateful, and blessed to be here at this point in time.

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