Bali, Indonesia | 2 Month Luxury Yoga & Dive Retreat

On the road to adventure to experience world-class retreats that offer the best in luxury, mind/body wellness programs, healthy culinary delights, yoga, meditation, spa treatments, and first-rate diving experiences.  Connecting with nature is blissful!

Nourish the mind, body, and soul and you replenish your strength and awareness.  It’s easy to get your chi aligned on this island and the 30+ massages to which I treated myself really helped also.  I love my life and am grateful for all it has to offer.  I am feeling blessed.

I’ve had some wonderful messages in my day, but this one at Bodyworks in Seminyak, Bali had the rose petal touch.


The most relaxing and refreshing yoga I found was at the Yoga Barn in Ubud. It is a complete wellness campus.  On the second floor, midway up the canopy lies a covered, open-air studio.  While there are many buildings on site, this one is magical when the torrential downpours pass overhead.  The heavy showers block the view of everything around; the water rushing off the thatched roof creates an aqueous curtain, revealing glimmers of the green jungle that lies behind it.  The experience is so beautiful and transcendent that the smiles it brings may cause one to lose focus on the breath.

Rice paddies in Ubud.
David Loughlin

David Loughlin

I found a popular hot spot that comes alive on Sunday afternoon and evening.  Single Fin is a great place to grab a drink, a bite to eat, and watch the sunset.

Beautiful beach below the cliff in Uluwatu,
David Loughlin

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