Madagascar – Antananarivo

Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar: a city rich with a blend of Malagasy and French-European influence.

Le Louvre Hôtel & Spa

I booked accommodations at Le Louvre Hôtel & Spa during both of my visits to Antananarivo.  The spa instantly sold me on the hotel.  At the end of each day, I booked massages to wind down and relax–some of the best self love I’d treated myself to in a long time.

The lobby at Le Louvre Hôtel & Spa

The spa at Le Louvre Hôtel & Spa

Patisserie Colbert Tananarive – Fine Malagasy Chocolate

Stumbled upon this French Bakery just two blocks from my hotel and added a couple kilos of fine Malagasy chocolate to my luggage.

The Open Air Market – Antananarivo

Exiting my hotel, crossing the street, and walking through the park, I reached a set of stairs that led down to the local open-air market that was filled with hundreds of vendors ready to bargain.


The Royal Palace




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