My name is David Loughlin.   I am a son,  a brother, an uncle and a very good friend to many hundreds of wonderful people.   I feel a deep sense of gratitude for being alive at this moment in time, a deep a passion for life,  exploring the world and for all whom I have met.   As one who has witnessed both birth and death, I have a deep understanding of the fragility of life and a burning desire to create a rich and rewarding experience during my time in this body.

I love world travel, meeting new people and have enjoyed photography and digital photography for more than 35 years.  During my time abroad I’ve exchanged life stories with photo journalists who have captured mass genocide in Africa, soldiers who killed to defend their country, professional con artists, teachers, business men/women and thousands more with interesting stories.

I love tropical beaches, sailing, diving, observing the local wildlife and all around exploring remote, exotic locals. Bonus if I can find some small slice of luxury while strolling a remote beach in an isolated region.  Nothing like stumbling upon a thatched roof bar and a local bartender asking if you would like Grand Marnier floated on top of your margarita.

This site is a record of my journeys.  I hope you enjoy my travel related experiences, captured through the eyes of my lens.



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